SAGE Connection

By Martine Jonsrud, SAGE Books Editorial Assistant

A couple of weeks ago, we were honoured by the visit of Professor Rose Barbour, SAGE author of Doing Focus Groups (2008) and Introducing Qualitative Research (2007), amongst others. She joined us to talk about focus groups and to help us reflect upon the way in which conversations come into being and how meaning is generated in social groups. It was especially the last point that caught my attention, for what exactly is it that makes us think, for instance, that a book cover works? Or why is it that a certain title just doesn’t cut it? And what about those adjectives that we use to express our opinion such as boring, exciting, annoying, old-fashioned and even American – why is it that something just is something, without us being able to explain exactly why – they just are?

According to the French sociologist…

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