Leadership and Knowledge – our new blog

Picture1Over the last few months I have written a few posts about a book that I have written with Douglas Board. As the book is now in production I thought I would start a new blog charting its course through the publishing process (which is all new to me): the various events that we will be holding to tell people about the book; to hear people’s thoughts; and, to give an overview of some of the key themes.

The picture we have chosen for the front cover is of a boardwalk traversing a mangrove swamp. We are drawn to this because swamps are complex ecologies. It provides a useful metaphor for the challenges of leadership and knowledge.

So, imagine creating the boardwalk. When you look back you find that you have zigzagged taking into account the firm footings on which to build, the large trees, deep water, and hazards. In other words, you have to take account of the changing context and environment as you go forward.

In creating the boardwalk you had a vision and you become aware your involvement with the delicate ecology that you are a part of – you are both affecting and being affected by what is around you.

In creating your boardwalk you are offering an invitation, your knowledge, to others to take advantage of what you have built, to go on and create their own path.

Our new Blog can be found here, we hope you will join us.

Picture by: DJ Clark


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