Conscious Business – Call for Papers

Pete Burden, of, and I are the guest editors for the winter edition of eOrganisations & People (eO&P) on the subject of Conscious Business. If you would like to write a paper for the journal we would very much like to hear from you. We are looking at papers from practitioners, academics, consultants – basically anyone who has anything thoughtful to say. One angle that we are particularly interested in centres around the challenges people face in making conscious business a part of their day-to-day reality.

Writing is not just about writing. We are looking for this edition of eO&P to develop into further action and gatherings. We don’t know what this might look like yet. That is something that we will develop with authors and collaborators.

About conscious business
There are many definitions, but features we are drawn to include:
•being profitable but with more than just financial goals
•delivering value to a wide set of stakeholders
•providing a safe place for human development and growth
•where all involved have the power to influence outcomes
•where transparency, communication and awareness are paramount

About eO&P
Is the journal of the AMED, the Association of Management Educators and Developers (Hyperlink to: in the UK. It is a quarterly journal written for both practitioners and academics who are involved in management and leadership development.

Please contact us or click here for more information!


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