Film Club – Ex Machina

ExmachinaThis is a film about artificial intelligence (AI) and the ‘Turning Test 2.0’. In the 1950s the British codebreaker, mathematician and computer scientist came up with the Turing Test. In summary, the test is passed if you cannot tell whether you are engaging with a person or a computer.

There is a full explanation here: But in this film the question is: what if a person could fall in love with a machine, knowing that it was a machine?

In the film we have Nathan, the CEO Tech billionaire inventor who lives in isolation. There is Caleb, an employee who wins a competition to meet and stay with him for a week. And then there is Ava, the humanoid AI robot. The film raises some fascinating questions in addition to morality and ethics. There is one question in particular that fascinates me: when do we lose control? And how do we know? I won’t say anymore for risk of spoiling the film. As we progress with AI, for example in cars, what we buy online, financial trading (just read Robert Harris’s book called The Fear Index), armaments and even the jobs we apply for, this topic becomes ever more pressing.

Rob Warwick

For more information about the film click here.

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