Rob Warwick – about me

RobI have an eclectic range of interests and these are reflected in my blog. That said, there are themes that I keep coming back to, these include how people act and behave in organisations and how we can be more caring and conscious of others. I’m intrigued in what actually happens behind the rational veil of government policy and implementation, corporate strategy and management control.

I’m a lecturer in business strategy at the University of Chichester in the UK. My experience lies in the various aspects of management and organisational change, particularly working with groups and individuals to understand the impact of change and the opportunities it offers. If you want to know more about me here is my Linked-in profile. If you have any comments it would be great to hear them.

By the way, these are my thoughts (inspired, jolted and fashioned by the work of others) and should not be ascribed to organisations and universities that I have been associated with.

My blogging is a bit sporadic – time, motivation and inspiration are some factors. My twitter is @smilerob.